Saturday, May 16, 2015

RP Official Minutes for MAY 16, 2015


This was our agenda for the meeting:
1. The Council meeting opened with a reading of a Bible text from Psalm 2 by Brian Hanley (who moderated the meeting) and prayer by J. Parnell M. (who kept the meeting minutes). Present at the meeting were Brian H., Evan K, and J. Parnell M.

2.  Officers adopted the following motion proposed by Parnell: "The Reformation Party is commending its members in the USA to observe a fast and prayer day during the last week of May to beseech God for mercy and a turning away from the sin of sodomy and other grievous transgressions and not to adopt so called 'gay marriage' as the law of the land.  Already the HRC denomination has called a fast and prayer day during this period for that purpose, and members may suggest other churches do so as well."  Evan seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously upon vote.   It was noted how Brian had gotten this ball rolling with his work in the HRC.

3.  Brian indicated he would publish the decision above on the website, and Parnell indicated he would seek to publish it elsewhere.

4.  Evan explained his efforts to get a similar fast and prayer day in the NRC. He noted that the suggestion has met with positive reception by the NRC minister he discussed it with, who will in turn be bringing it before a larger body of NRC church officers.  

5. Parnell explained how he has requested the officers of the FPCS congregation in Houston (the only FPCS congregation in the USA) to consider calling such a fast and prayer day.

6.  Parnell also briefly explained efforts at petitioning local civil officials with the help of the consistory of a local NRC congregation which has supplied him with the wording for such a petition.

7.  It was noted how further matters could be discussed via email among the three officers.

8. The Council closed with prayer by Evan Kersten.

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