Friday, December 27, 2013

Council of Officers for 2014 Term (results)

 The Reformation Party election for its 3-man Council of Officers for the 2014 calendar year term has concluded. There were 3 candidates that registered to run for this office for the 2014 term. These candidates are listed at . These 3 candidates were elected to serve for the 2014 term.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Attacks Against the Reformation Party/Response

It has come to the attention of the Council of Officers that a particular individual who is no longer a Reformation Party member is issuing attacks against the Reformation Party that it is the party of kinism because this former member asserts a specific current member of the Reformation Party is a kinist.  The particular current member in question is a white American married to an Asian wife.  In this current member's own words he says: "I am happily and unrepentantly married to an Asian wife, and I believe it is morally permissible for anyone else likewise to marry outside his race and ethnicity, so long as it is in the Lord.  I am extremely opposed to the absolute separation of the races and ethnicities, and I believe each church congregation has a moral duty to welcome people of all races and ethnicities into its membership, just as the Reformation Party welcomes people of all races and ethnicities into its membership.  It should be self-evident I am against the absolute separation of races and ethnicities because the human closest to me in this world is a member of another race and ethnicity."  If there are any doubts or questions of Reformation Party members or the public as to this matter, we would encourage you to contact the Council of Officers as a whole or individually.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now it is time to begin to prepare for the 2014 term.

We are thankful our God has been blessing the Reformation Party during term of operation in 2013.  Now it is time to begin to prepare for the 2014 term.  Each annual term we need voting members willing to serve on the Council of Officers.  If you are a qualified voting member and would be willing to serve on the Council for the 2014 term, please submit your name and information as a candidate soon to  This information will be posted at .  Subsequently there will be election of officers by voting members.

Also, if you are not sure whether you are registered as a member of the Reformation Party, please feel free to email your inquiry to   We want to make sure our Party membership records are complete.  For those of you who have "liked" the Reformation Party on Facebook, in order to be a member of the Reformation Party you still need to register as a member by emailing your information to

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quarterly officer meeting of the 2013 term - the minutes may be read here.

The Council of Officers met in the second quarterly officer meeting of the 2013 term.  The minutes may be read here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Possible ways members can get involved in and promote the goals of the Reformation Party

 Council officers of the Reformation Party are wanting to provide members with some possible ways such members can get involved in and promote the goals of the Reformation Party.  Here are some that have been submitted thus far:
1. Become coordinator in your local area of a chapter of Campaign for Community Biblical Governance
2. If your area has a chapter of Campaign for Community Biblical Governance, then help it in such ways as becoming editor of its periodic newsletter, managing its Facebook page or other website, writing letters to area churches and civil magistrates, inviting people in your area to join the chapter, etc.
3. work towards organizing a local/regional Reformation Party chapter with its own local Council of Officers
4. for those qualified, run for civil magistrate in your area with the Reformation Party agenda.
5.   If you are a writer, consider writing articles in favor of biblical principles of civil government. This could include letters to the editor dealing with some specific issue that is currently in the news, starting a blog, writing a book, writing a journal article, etc.
6. Sponsor, help to arrange, or engage in public debates over biblical civil issues—either in general or on specific topics.
7. Bring up these issues in conversations with others informally whenever there is a reasonable opportunity. Don't be afraid to speak your opinion when political issues come up, even if it is very uncomfortable.
8. Encourage people in your church, both lay people and leaders, to consider these issues. Help to bring these issues into the awareness of people who might not naturally think about them or be aware of them very much.
9. Become an active part of your community--going to community meetings, serving on committees, etc.--and be willing to put in your input to get people to think about biblical civil issues and to consider non-secular alternative ideas.
10.  Create a press release about the reformed party and local involvement.  A well-written online press release in an excellent way to build publicity.
11. Create a video to promote and challenge secular thinking.  It can be as simple as taking a sermon excerpt and moving it to youtube.
12.  Create pictures with pro-establishment captions which can be shared on Facebook.
13.  Go to town meetings and ask questions which challenge the thinking of our leaders.
14.  Start a book discussion group at your home or church to expose people to Christ's Kingship.
15.  Offer scholarship money or prizes for the best paper on an establishment theme.
16.  Pray, Pray and Pray - nothing is mightier than having God on our side.
17.  Submit articles, book reviews to Christian magazines for publication.
18. Find an establishment theme book which is not in circulation and have an eBook created for publication.
19. Encourage pastors to write books on the crown rights of King Jesus.
20. Add quotes, links to sermons, books to the signature of your emails and posts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013