Saturday, September 8, 2012

While much of the attention is focused on national politics, reformed Christians would be wise to direct many of our efforts at the local level. Until there are more sound reformed Christian communities, it is unlikely there will be sound reformed Christian states or nations. We need modern models at a smaller level to show people Biblical Christian government is good to have at larger levels. This is one reason the Reformation Party is encouraging the Campaign for Community Biblical Governance. We are encouraging members to start local chapters of the Campaign in their own communities. Chapter coordinators can share ideas of what they are doing in their own local community at . In summary, "think globally, work locally" for Jesus Christ's glory.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Now it is time to begin to prepare for the 2013 term.

We are thankful our God has been blessing the Reformation Party during its first term of operation in 2012.  Now it is time to begin to prepare for the 2013 term.  Each annual term we need voting members willing to serve on the Council of Officers.  If you are a qualified voting member and would be willing to serve on the Council for the 2013 term, please submit your name and information as a candidate by November 10, 2012 to  This information will be posted at .  Subsequently there will be election of officers by voting members.
Also, if you are not sure whether you are registered as a member of the Reformation Party, please feel free to email your inquiry to   We want to make sure our Party membership records are complete.  For those of you who have "liked" the Reformation Party on Facebook, in order to be a member of the Reformation Party you still need to register as a member by emailing your information to