Monday, February 27, 2017

RP Official Minutes for FEBRUARY 18, 2017

1. Present at the meeting were Council members Brian Hanley and Mark Wallace, along with Party member J. Parnell McCarter.  The Council was informed by Party member J. Parnell McCarter that Council member Evan Kersten was unable to attend this meeting due to injuries sustained in a recent automobile accident, but Evan indicated for the Council to proceed with its meeting in his absence.  Meeting moderator Brian Hanley asked new Council member Mark Wallace, along with others present in the meeting, to explain his background.  He also asked Parnell to keep the meeting minutes.  After these informal introductions, the meeting officially opened with a reading of a Bible text from Psalm 46:8-10 by Brian Hanley and the opening prayer was led by Mark Wallace.  
2. Officers first discussed the essay contest on the topic of the Establishment Principle with a $100 prize.  Brian asked how many might be participating in the contest.  Parnell noted that he has heard of two who may be.  Beyond that, it is uncertain how many might submit an essay.  Essays are due at the end of February.  It was decided to wait and see how many, if any, might submit an essay, before deciding anything further on the topic.
3. Officers next discussed the Party blog.  Brian noted that there needs to be an updated blog entry since the last one was almost one year old. Brian agreed to submit one in March, and Mark indicated he would submit one 4 to 6 months afterwards.  It was decided regularly to update.
4.  There was next discussion of the list of current members of the Party and their status.  Brian asked Parnell to email the membership list to Council members, and Parnell indicated he would do so.
5.   Next discussed was an idea of Brian to start a Party Facebook page just for members.  It was agreed that Brian should spearhead such an effort.
6. Next discussed was an idea of Brian to create a Party YouTube video explaining the Party and its principles, especially the Establishment Principle.  It was agreed that Brian should spearhead such an effort.
7. Next discussed was an idea of Brian to seek that there be a public debate on the topic of the Establishment Principle.  It was decided to pray about this and consider ways it may effectively happen.
8. Finally the Council discussed an idea broached by Mark that he use MS Publisher to prepare brochures of some of the essays and articles at the Party website.  It was agreed that Mark proceed to do so.
9. The Council closed with prayer by Parnell.