Monday, September 30, 2013

Attacks Against the Reformation Party/Response

It has come to the attention of the Council of Officers that a particular individual who is no longer a Reformation Party member is issuing attacks against the Reformation Party that it is the party of kinism because this former member asserts a specific current member of the Reformation Party is a kinist.  The particular current member in question is a white American married to an Asian wife.  In this current member's own words he says: "I am happily and unrepentantly married to an Asian wife, and I believe it is morally permissible for anyone else likewise to marry outside his race and ethnicity, so long as it is in the Lord.  I am extremely opposed to the absolute separation of the races and ethnicities, and I believe each church congregation has a moral duty to welcome people of all races and ethnicities into its membership, just as the Reformation Party welcomes people of all races and ethnicities into its membership.  It should be self-evident I am against the absolute separation of races and ethnicities because the human closest to me in this world is a member of another race and ethnicity."  If there are any doubts or questions of Reformation Party members or the public as to this matter, we would encourage you to contact the Council of Officers as a whole or individually.

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